About Us

IES Global is a company that has the provision of services, curriculum and management in the field of international education. We have been in the business of international education for in excess of 10 years as a company, with the Directors each having in excess of 20 years experience in international education and business.

It is the important blend of education and business experience that makes IES Global a key organisation in the global delivery of education management and services.

IES Global is built on a value system that ensures all its clients are well catered for – whether they are students and their families, education providers, recruitment agents or other key organisations in the world of education.

The experience that IES Global can bring through its overseas experience is of great assistance to all concerned.

We understand your needs and the high importance placed on education by all concerned. We will be able to assist you to achieve your goals.

Company Profile


IES Global Pty Ltd (IESG) is a provider of quality education management and consultancy services to groups, schools, organisations and individuals, with a particular emphasis on the international education sector.

IESG provides fully integrated education services, with a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of its clients; providing quality on-going service and meeting the needs and demands of a diverse clientele in an industry that requires the highest standards to be maintained.

With representative groups; offices and agencies across many countries, and key staff with expertise in a wide range of education aspects, IESG is able to ensure that it is able to provide the knowledge and expertise required to assist organisations and individuals to achieve their goals in education.

Company History

IES Global commenced operation in 1994 as a Sydney based company specialising in offering services to international students. Its founder, and current Director, Joanne Wong, rapidly established a reputation for providing quality service and outcomes for her clients and ensuring that all involved with IES Global received the personal service that IES Global prides itself on today.

With a reputation among students and providers, IES Global expanded its operation and its links in education to the stage where it had in place agreements with many education institutions, many of which were outside of Sydney.

IES Global has continued to grow and evolve with the changing international education landscape, and the decision was made in 2003 to embark on a strategic direction to consolidate current business operations, as well as expand into new business activities in the international education field.

IES Global continues to focus on international education, but has expanded the range of services it offers, as well as ensuring it has a more international focus. A new Director, Peter Krikstolaitis, who has extensive international education experience has joined the company. This has extended the IES Global network, as well as being able to add services such as Full Marketing Management and Representation (FMMR) and curriculum services to the suite of offerings with IES Global.

IES Global continues to form relationships with quality providers and organisations.


IESG aims to use its expertise to continue to develop its business and business relationships in a diverse portfolio of educational activities that transcend many international boundaries. IESG is aims to be a first choice organisation for education management services across international boundaries through the provision of quality expertise to its clients, and to develop and maintain long term relationships in the industry. It aims to ensure that through its extensive network that all ‘partner’ organisations will mutually benefit through the association with IESG.

Mission Statement

IESG is committed to providing a fully integrated range of education-related services to our clients. We welcome challenges beyond traditional boundaries by offering innovative solutions with unprecedented energy, determination and care. We value long-term relationships and will continue to foster strong links that transcend international boundaries.

IESG fully understands the complexity of international education and the compliance issues that are part of every education system, all of which are highly regulated. We have expertise in all these areas and aim to share that expertise with our partners to create positive outcomes for all concerned.

It is our mission to provide:

  • Quality customer service.
  • Long term relationships based on mutual benefits.
  • Developing networks of relationships that can add value to each other.
  • Quality expertise in a number of international locations.
  • A diverse range of expertise and projects.
  • Access to quality staff who are experts in their field of operation.
  • Innovative and creative solutions to meet client needs.
  • Cost effective methods of enhancing the business of our clients.

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